Harry Potter does it again!

Brilliant!  Harry Potter has once again pulled me in.  I saw the Deathly Hallows last night and was quite impressed.  The movie seemed to be over-hyped and as with most movies that get this much attention my expectations were quite high.  I was not disappointed.   I found myself emotionally attached to the curious characters and even gripping the sides of my seat at times.  In fact the lady behind me said “Did you see him jump?” after my try at levitation during a most anxious moment in the film.

You can really see the growth that this series has had over the last few movies.  This film was by far the biggest example of that maturity.  The story as well as the situations are much more emotionally mature.  There were times during the movie that I even wondered if children would in fact enjoy the movie.  Judging by the majority of the audience I would say not.  In fact I don’t even recall seeing any younger kids there, just a few teenagers.

I am an action fan, so I absolutely enjoyed the abundancce of battle scenes.  It seemed like there was spell after spell.  I really enjoyed that.  They moved around a lot in “Muggle” space in this film.  There was even some action on the motorway.  This movie should make for a good video game port.  Will have to try it!

I never read the books all the way through and some of them I hadn’t even started.  It seemed I always had someone who knew everything that happened in the books and was quick to point out how much they missed in the movie.  This time several of the friends I was with commented that the movie had covered just about everything in the book up to the point that the movie ended.  Most impressive.  Not many films can compete with that.

Bottom line is that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is a hit.  It will be added to my Blu-Ray collection immediately upon release.  I cannot wait to see the final chapter, which should release mid 2011.

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