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Can You Handle the Cute?

I finally got around to playing Kirby’s Epic Yarn for the Wii.  Wow.  This game is cute, cuddly, warm & fuzzy, and any other similar adjective you can think of.  Some people will find it disgustingly so, but don’t let that … Continue reading

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SuperGamerPodcast #2 – We’re keeping our day jobs….

The latest podcast is here! Inside we discuss our favorite games of 2010 as well as some new ones coming in 2011. Feel free to leave comments or questions. Happy New Year! SuperGamerBros Podcast #2

KarmicCycle, TechnoHermit, and MasterMaximus

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Tis the season to be humble

If you haven’t already downloaded the Humble Indie Bundle 2 then you should stop reading this and do it. There really is no reason not to. The HIB is a collection of indie PC games, available for download for the … Continue reading

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Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception is coming 11-1-11

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception was announced this past weekend. For those that don’t know, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune and Uncharted 2: Among Thieves are two of the best reasons to own a PS3. Go ahead and buy them – I’ll wait. Uncharted 3 promises … Continue reading

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SuperGamerPodcast #1 – You guys are “n00bs”

The SuperGamerBros Podcast is officially here!  We hope you enjoy! SuperGamerBros Podcast #1

KarmicCycle, TechnoHermit, and MasterMaximus SuperGamerBros

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Logos always seem to be the hardest idea to come up with.  Thanks to our SuperGamerBud KarmicCycle who made it easy for us!

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Another Great “New Old-School” Game From Nintendo!

Much like New Super Mario Bros. Wii,  Donkey Kong Country Returns is an old shool game with a modern skin. To create this game Nintendo called upon Retro Studios, the team behind the excellent Metroid Prime series. For DKCR you can … Continue reading

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