Tis the season to be humble

If you haven’t already downloaded the Humble Indie Bundle 2 then you should stop reading this and do it. There really is no reason not to.

The HIB is a collection of indie PC games, available for download for the price of whatever. You read that right, whatever you want to pay is the price.

The money gets split in any fashion you choose between the developers of the games themselves, a couple of charities, and the hosts of the HIB program.

This years selection of games is nothing short of phenomenal. This collection would be worth it even if it only had two games. Those two being Machinarium and Braid.

Machinarium is itself a 20 dollar game and Braid goes for 10 bucks on Steam. Throw in three other games (including the beautiful looking Osmos, which includes the soundtrack as well.) and this bundle is a steal… no really.

So, do yourself a service and download it, and do the industry a favor, and throw in what money you can for it. These guys deserve it and I hope to see many more great games from them.

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