So good to see you again, X-COM

X-COM was one of the first PC games I played (well, that isn’t true, if you count Jumpman and Shamus on my Apple IIe, but I am talking about more modern games here… sheesh I know I am getting old when I am referring to 19 year old games as ‘modern’. Ok, this aside has gotten away from me, where was I… oh yeah, X-COM) and still has a special place in my heart next to Legend of Zelda, Yar’s Revenge, and Metroid.

You can imagine my disappointment when they revealed the newest game in the line as an FPS instead of its Turn-Based Strategy heritage. The new game doesn’t even look like it has anything to do with X-COM except that it has Aliens and a human organisation that fights them, and if that is all it takes to be X-COM then MiB were the shittiest X-COM movies ever.

Just as I was about to write the eulogy on another bit of my childhood, Firaxis Games swoops down like a Valkyrie to breathe some new life into it. XCOM: Enemy Unknown hopes to be more true to the original title, and I wish them godspeed. They have a hefty legacy to live up to.

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