First Galaxy Problems

If you have listened to the podcast at all then you probably picked up on something about me. If I say I am not going to buy something, there is a pretty good chance that I am going to buy it. So…

I started my SWTOR journey just two weeks ago and I am pretty hooked so far. My guild is migrating over from WoW and I am pushing through the storylines on two characters and am about to make a third for tanking duties. But, like with all things I love, I have some issues. I’m going to get them out here.

Why are there even mailboxes in this game? I carry a personal holocommunicator and have an electronic bank account for my credits. There is no reason I shouldn’t be able to check my mail anywhere, just like I do in real life. The only argument against this is if an item is sent to me, and it is a pretty weak argument. Droids swoop down every time I level or advance a mission objective, they certainly could deliver the belt and shoes I ordered.

Speaking of my holocommunicator, why would I ever need to return to someone to tell them I finished a mission for them? If I had to get something for them, fine, I get that… but if all I am saying is, ‘hey, I cleared the path of bandits for you,’ then there is no reason for me to hike two miles back to the city to say it to his face. Again, technology that we have right now that the space-faring, galaxy-spanning, world of Star Wars lacks, apparently.

I’ve never been to New York, but I am pretty sure if I went to the airport and asked if I could go there they wouldn’t deny me because I haven’t ‘discovered’ it yet. This piece of archaic progression control really needs to go. I shouldn’t have to discover places in order to travel to them, I am pretty sure that shuttle or taxi knows how to get to every place on the planet and doesn’t need my directions. You know what would stop me from just flying off to the highest level area in a zone? The fear of death… which,come to think of it, is probably the same reason I haven’t flown to New York yet, either.

And the game has already established that every hour I can call a shuttle to come pick me up and take me anywhere on the planet (that I’ve been to, of course). This shuttle can even pick me up indoors, somehow. Yet, the damn thing can’t drop me off directly at my ship? It can traverse a mile of mountain caverns, but can’t float down an open-air port to deposit me at my vessel/home?

This is some serious science fiction we are talking about here, it is about time it started acting like it.

(If you would like to join me, I am on Drooga’s Pleasure Barge server. Guild name is Cereal Box Thermal Detonators)

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