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SuperGamerPodcast #8 – I used to be a podcaster; then I took an arrow to the knee.

The SGB crew are back in action and talking about Skyrim and SWTOR among others. Sit back and enjoy! FUS RO DA! SuperGamerBros Podcast #8

KarmicCycle, TechnoHermit, and MasterMaximus

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SuperGamerPodcast #7.1 The Lost Episode

We recorded this episode (twice) a couple weeks ago and, despite a few setbacks, it’s finally ready. Enjoy! SuperGamerBros Podcast #7.1

KarmicCycle, TechnoHermit, and MasterMaximus

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More Single Player Please!

I recently completed the single player portion of Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes for PlayStation 3. It took just a shade under 45 hours, over the course of several weeks, to complete the story and earn all of the … Continue reading

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SuperGamerPodcast #5 – It Really Was Down, I Swear!

Here is our latest work of…..well it’s just a podcast. Good bits though. The SGB crew talks about the Playstation Network outage, Brink, Super Meat Boy and a great looking game that is (hopefully) coming soon, Hawken. Playstation Network service … Continue reading

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SuperGamerBros Top 10 of 2010

It’s time to reveal our favorite games of 2010.  The process of choosing these is not a scientific one.  All we do is select the ten games we had the most fun with throughout the year and put them on … Continue reading

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